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A Drug-Free Solution to Elevated Blood Triglycerides
Through Optimized Digestion
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High Triglycerides: How Is Your Digestion? Lowering High Triglycerides Naturally: Catalog

IF YOU'RE TAKING ANY SUPPLEMENTS, you need to support your digestion!

If you're not taking a digestive aid with your supplements, you're throwing away a good portion of your hard-earned money. Because supplements won't do a lick of good unless they're absorbed and assimilated!

And only by optimizing your digestion you can help your gut break down your supplements and speed them into your bloodstream, where they can go to work.

If you are over age 40, you are probably familiar with some of the more obvious signs of indigestion, such as:
  • burping
  • belching
  • bloating
  • flatulence
  • halitosis (bad breath)
  • nausea
  • constipation
  • a burning sensation in the stomach, and/or
  • a full, sluggish feeling after eating a heavy meal of meat or other protein.

These symptoms are an indication of faulty digestion, which means that your body is not able to fully utilize foods from the diet as well as from supplements.Faulty digestion then is directly and indirectly responsible for a vast array of health problems.

If food is not properly digested, absorbed, and assimilated, your body cells don't receive the nourishment they need for proper functioning.

Unfortunately, in today's fast-paced and fast food world, the health of our digestive tract frequently becomes compromised. And at some point, dietary changes alone are not enough to overcome digestive weakness.

Taking digestive enzymes is a common answer. However, only a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme supplement can restore the digestive function by complementing (not replacing!) the body's own production of digestive enzymes.

A complete digestive aid supports every link in the digestive chain - including stomach acid, stomach enzymes, pancreatic enzymes, and bile (especially important for those who have had their gall bladders removed!).

The lack of a single ingredient can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the whole formulation.

Therefore, before you make a decision, please take a moment to think about your digestion and ask yourself: "Do I experience any of the symptoms of indigestion?"

If your answer is "Yes" or "Not sure," then consider using a special digestive enzyme supplement along with the Triglyceride Reduction TGs Formula to ensure you will fully benefit from it.

Fruit Indigestion: Fructose Intolerance Lowering High Triglycerides Naturally: Catalog

Fructose intolerance affects up to 33 percent of the population.
Some people experience "indigestion" after eating fresh fruits, such as grapes, pears, cherries or apples. For this reason they try to stay away from all fruits.

These problems, however, quite often are due to fructose intolerance, the inability of the body to properly digest fructose, a sugar common to the Western diet. And it is estimated that up to 33 percent of persons are unable to completely absorb fructose - or fruit sugar (levulose) twice as sweet as sucrose (table sugar).

Dietary fructose intolerance (DFI), which can be diagnosed by a breath test, involves several non-specific symptoms, such as

  • flatulence (gas)
  • intestinal cramps (abdominal pain and tension)
  • bloating (abdominal distension)
  • excess belching
  • diarrhea, or
  • fatigue.

Fructose may also cause the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and may be an underlying cause of some cases of IBS due to its malabsorption.

Naturally occuring in fruits, fructose can be found in sweeteners such as high-fructose corn syrup (up to 55 percent), soda (soft drinks), fruit juices, candy and certain canned foods.

Fructose in the Western diet has greatly increased in the past decade and will continue to increase as people are eating much more processed and canned foods.

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Dietary Modification: No High-Fructose Diet Lowering High Triglycerides Naturally | Catalog | Price List

Modification of the diet is a very effective treatment of the condition, especially avoiding high-fructose foods, fruits in particular.

Among several popular fruits the lowest fructose content show:

  • apricots (0.94 gram of fructose per 100 grams/0.94%)
  • nectarines (1.37 grams/1.37%)
  • peaches (1.53 grams/1.53%)
  • cantaloupes (1.87 grams/1.87%).

However, it does not mean that these fruits are low in sugar, as they contain significant amounts of… another form of sugar, namely sucrose (table sugar). Their sucrose content is as follows:

  • apricots (5.87 grams of sucrose per 100 grams/5.87%)
  • nectarines (4.87 grams/4.87%)
  • peaches (4.76 grams/4.76%)
  • cantaloupes (4.35 grams/4.35%).

As you can see, whole fruits are both a source of fructose and – sucrose. And sugar is a sort of "good" and "bad" guy at the same time with fruits as a perfect example. Some of them are high in fructose but low in sucrose, and vice versa.

Watermelon, for instance, is low in sucrose (1.21%) but at the same time much higher in fructose (3.36%). Apricots on the other hand are low in fructose (0.94%) but very high in sucrose (5.87%). The same applies to other low-high, fructose-sucrose fruits like persimmons, plums, nectarines, peaches and cantaloupes.

So as far as fruit consumption is concerned, the only practical solution is their limited consumption. Because fruits are a considerable source of sugar in our today's diet (already full of sugar!), their daily intake should be carefully monitored by all people, not only those whose health condition could be adversely affected by the sugar, diabetics and pre-diabetics in particular. Like with many other things in our life, eating fruits in moderation is a win-win situation.

However, it is our experience that, besides dietary modifications, a quality digestive aid could be of great help in overcoming fructose intolerance, allowing many people to enjoy (in moderation) fresh fruits without digestive discomfort.

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DIGESTIVE AID: Supplement Facts Lowering High Triglycerides Naturally | Catalog | Price List

If you experience any symptoms of indigestion, you will to take digestive enzymes along with the Triglyceride Reduction TGs Formula.
In our practice, we have had great results with one particular Digestive Aid. It is a broad-spectrum and well-balanced quality supplement, which our clients have found superior to conventional supplements available at a health food store or pharmacy.

This supplement works exceptionally well for those over age 40 and who have digestive complaints.

Our Digestive Aid is a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme supplement consisting of:

  • hydrochloric acid (betaine hydrochloride, 88 mg), to improve digestion in the stomach
  • pepsin (188 mg), to work with hydrochloric acid on food present in the stomach
  • bile (88 mg), to emulsify fats so that fat-splitting enzymes can work on them (especially important to those who have lost their gallbladders)
  • pancreatin 8x (27.5 mg) to provide enzymes that break down protein, fats, and starches
  • papain 12M (122 mg), a plant enzyme (from raw papaya) to assit in breaking down proteins (catalyzing the hydrolysis of proteins)
  • bromelain (44 mg), a plant proteolytic enzyme (from pineapple) to assist in breaking down proteins (catalyzing the hydrolysis of proteins)
  • ginger root (22 mg), an herb that improves the function of the digestive system, alleviates flatulence (gas) and indigestion, and stimulate the flow of bile from the gallbladder (it functions as a cholagogue)
  • peppermint (66 mg) to soothe the digestive tract and reduce flatulence.

Each tablet provides:

  • protease activity (1,320.000 USP - primarily to catalyze the hydrolysis of proteins
  • amylase activity (5,400 USP) - primarily to digest amylose, including the amylose component of starch
  • lipase activity (1,100 USP) - primarily to digest fatty acids by splitting dietary triglycerides; also to alleviate heartburn and indigestion.

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How to Optimize Your Digestion: Recommended Intake Lowering High Triglycerides Naturally | Catalog | Price List

The following recommendations, based on our clinical experience, will help you fully benefit from the Digestive Aid.

First thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, take one (1) Digestive Aid tablet. Next morning take two (2) tablets in the same way. On the third morning, take three (3+) -- and so on.

Keep on increasing the number of tablets until you experience a slight burning sensation in your stomach. Then, back off by one (1) tablet and that is your optimum daily intake (e.g., if you get a burn on 5 tablets, then 4 is your daily amount).

Apportion this daily amount according to how difficult those meals are to digest (e.g., 4 tablets may work out to an average of 1 with breakfast, 1 with lunch and 2 with dinner).

Take Digestive Aid tablets with your meals or immediately after the meals. A little experimentation may be necessary.

SPECIAL INDICATION: Regular daily intake of the Digestive Aid is especially important to those who have lost their gallbladders.

CONTRAINDICATION: Digestive Aid should not to be taken by someone who has an active gastric ulcer.

Pharmaceutical quality, FDA approved manufacturing plant and procedures

 Pharmaceutical quality, FDA-approved manufacturing plant and procedures

Digestive Aid: Online Orders
Digestive Aid: Complete full-spectrum digestivie enzyme supplement Secure Online Orders

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 Digestive Aid Supplement -- $39.95 US -- One Bottle: 100 Tablets 

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Digestion, Absorption and Metabolism (A Quick Overview) Lowering High Triglycerides Naturally | Catalog | Price List

Faulty digestion is directly responsible for a vast array of health problems.

Digestion is the process whereby the body breaks down food into absorbable nutrients.

Small Intestine
Most digestion and nutrient absorption occurs in the small intestine.

Gall Bladder
The gall bladder releases bile into the small intestine, which contains bile salts for fat (triglyceride) digestion. Bile salts help break up fat into smaller particles so fat digestive enzymes are able to work.

The pancreas, connected to the small intestine, releases many of the digestive enzymes. Some enzymes digest protein, other enzymes digest carbohydrates, and others fats.

The pancreas also produces hormones, such as insulin. These hormones are released into the blood, not the intestines.

Digestive Enzymes
Enzymes needed for the final steps in digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats are found in the cells lining the small intestine.

Protein Digestion
Digestive enzymes break down food particles into final breakdown products. The final breakdown products of protein digestion are single amino acids or small chains of two or three amino acids.

Carbohydrate Digestion: Sugars, Starches, Processed Grains
The final products of carbohydrate digestion are monosaccharides.

Fat Digestion: Triglycerides
The final digestive products of triglyceride digestion are free fatty acids and glycerol and monoglycerides.

Nutrient Absorption: Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats
Vitamins, minerals, water, and some larger fat-like compounds such as cholesterol are not broken down before they are absorbed.

The cells lining of the small intestine absorb the digestion breakdown products from carbohydrates, proteins and fats, vitamins, minerals and most water.

Nutrient Transport
Once inside the intestinal wall the breakdown products of digestion are released into the body through one of two transport systems:

  • the bloodstream or
  • the lymphatic system.

The water-soluble nutrients and short fatty acids are released directly into the bloodstream.

Fat (Triglyceride) Absorption
Longer fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, and fat-like compounds such as cholesterol are not water-soluble and the blood is mostly water.

Therefore, in the intestinal wall the longer fatty acids and glycerol reform triglycerides, which are packed with the fat-soluble vitamins and fat-like compounds into chylomicrons.

The chylomicrons are released into the lymphatic system which flows into the bloodstream near the heart.

Large Intestine
Little nutrient absorption occurs in the large intestine.

All the chemical reactions that occur in the body is called metabolism.

Nutrients Utilization
The body uses nutrients released into the bloodstream to:

  • build and maintain body tissues, hormones, etc.
  • regulate body functions performed by the heart, blood, liver, kidneys, brain, etc.
  • supply energy for body functions and for physical activity.

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