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Combating the Risks of Chemotherapy and Radiation
A molecule of triglyceride composed of a backbone of the alcohol glycerol to which three fatty acids (tri) are bound. Definition of courtesy of  Full of Health Inc. - a formulator of Triglyceride Reduction TGs Formula
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  Cancer Formula: The Natural Immune Builder and Tissue Oxygenator

20,000 people die each day from some form of cancer; in 2007, nearly 6 million people died from it, the American Cancer Society reported.
Cancer is a disorder characterized by:

  • immune weakness and
  • uncontrolled cellular proliferation.

Unfortunately, conventional methods of treating cancer are only about 30 per cent effecitve.

Snipping out tumors does nothing for the cause which creates them. Poisoning them with chemotherapy and burning them with radiation also destroys healthy cells and compromises immune systems even further.

Obviously, any cure lies in a different direction.

Cancer Formula is a major immune builder designed to help the body oxygenate blood and tissues (cancerous cells cannot live in a highly oxygenated environment!).

Medicinal Ingredients:

Optimal Daily Serving

Beta Carotene (provitamin A)

180,000 IU

Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate)

10, 020 mg

DL-Methionine [lipotropic factor]

60 mg

Selenium (proteinate) [elemental]

300 mcg


15.6 mg

NN Dimethylglycine

96 mg

The effectiveness of the Formula is enhanced by a synergistic blend of herbs and glandular substances:

Non-Medicinal Ingredients:

Echinacea (Echinacea angustofolia)

Red Clover flower (Trifolium pratense)

Damiana leaves (Turnera diffusa)

Burdock root (Arctium lappa)

Marshmallow root (Althaea officinalis)

Elecampagne root (Inula helenium)

Buckthorn root (Rhamnus frangula)

Liver concentrate [Glandular substance]

Thymus concentrate [Glandular substance]

Spleen concentrate [Glandular substance]



Natural Flavours

This Formula works because it supports the body's own innate healing ability. Every person who has cancer has a weak immune system, and the immune weakness is what allowed the cancer to take hold in the first place. Therefore, any successful attempt to treat cancer must concentrate on rebuilding the person's immune system.

It is unfortunate that the conventional ways of treating cancer (chemotherapy, radiation and surgery) actually depress the functioning of an already weak immune system -- thereby, impairing rather than enhancing the body's innate healing ability.


An idea that the benefits of chemotherapy are blunted if one takes antioxidants - vitamin A, vitamin C, and/or selenium - along with chemo is a FALSE idea! The opposite is true.

According to the latest evidence, nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and selenium make conventional cancer methods work better.

SOURCE: Ralph W. Moss: Antioxidants Against Cancer.

This type of support provided by Cancer Formula is effective for all kinds of cancer, therefore, the Formula can be used either:

  • to accompany conventional cancer chemotherapy or radiation treatment, or
  • as part of an overall alternative program to substitute for orthodox cancer therapies.

Those who take the Formula with chemotherapy, for example, characteristically have better results than from chemo alone - and also manage to prevent the hair loss that often accompanies chemo.

Active Stages of Cancer: Suggested Use

The following recommendations, based on our clinical experience, can help you fully benefit from the Formula:

Cancer Formula detoxifies the body and rebuilds the immune system at the same time; therefore, it is effective either as a substitute for orthodox cancer therapies (radiation, chemotherapy, surgery) or as a complement to them to reduce their risks, and should be taken daily for at least three to six (3-6) consecutive months.

Because many people with cancer have compromised digestion and/or experience difficulty in swallowing "pills," the Formula comes in a liquid form (GREAT TASTE!).

Providing ideal nutritional support during the active stages of cancer, the Formula can be taken in two ways:

1. REGULAR INTAKE: One (1) full (30 ml) measuring cup of the Formula three (3) times daily, in between meals, mixed with one (1) glass of purified lukewarm water (preferred), or unsweetened non-commercial fruit or vegetable juice, preferably organic (from a health food store); therefore, you would need three (3) bottles of the Formula per one (1) month.

2. OPTIMAL INTAKE: For best results, take one (1) full (30 ml) measuring cup of the Formula four (4) times daily, in between meals, mixed with one (1) glass of purified lukewarm water (preferred), or unsweetened non-commercial fruit or vegetable juice, preferably organic (from a health food store); therefore, you would need four (4) bottles of the Formula per one (1) month.


  • If you develop loose stools (due to mega amount of vitamin C), reduce the number of measuring cups until diarrhea disappears - then, gradually, resume the recommended daily intake.

  • Some people may also develop a yellowish tinge to their skin because of the mega amount of beta carotene in the Formula. This discoloration is entirely safe, as it is due to beta carotene, not - jaundice. (As opposed to jaundice, in beta carotene discoloration, the whites of the eyes remain all the time white).

Cancer Formula: Reported Benefits

The kinds of benefits reported by users of this nutritional support include:

  • no more pain and no more need to take pain killers
  • prevention of the hair loss (that often accompanies chemo)
  • remission of symptoms
  • disappearance of growths on external parts of the body
  • improvement in blood profiles, and/or in some cases
  • the absence of former tumors (revealed by "before" and "after" biopsies).

Testimonial: "Cancer Gone!"

People write to us:

June 01, 2003

I would like to thank you for your Cancer Formula. Six months ago I found out that I had lymphoma and had to undergo chemotherapy for six months. One of my relatives provided me with the Cancer Formula to take during the treatment. (...)

My doctor could not believe how my blood counts, during the very intensive treatment (two types of chemo every 10 days), stayed at a very healthy level.

Of course, I very much believe that it was due to the Cancer Formula, so I just wanted to say thanks. I'm sure the side effects as well would have been much worse without it."

Brian H.

Cancer Treatments: Beliefs and Expectations

Whether or not you respond to a particular treatment largely depends on your beliefs and expectations.

Those who believe that nothing can be done about their condition do not survive. On the other hand, starling recoveries have been made by those who refused to accept a pessimistic verdict.

As long as we know that some people do recover from seemingly "incurable" conditions, then we know that others can also.

There is, then, no such thing as "false hope". There is only "false fear" by those who would deny true hope.

Diet: Cancer-Sugar Connection

Nutritionally oriented doctors have known about the refined sugar/cancer association for decades. More than 70 years ago, Dr. Warburg won the Nobel Prize in medicine when he discovered that cancer cells require glucose (sugar) for growth – they consume as much as 4 to 5 times more glucose than normal, healthy cells. In fact, they're unable to multiply rapidly without it.

The cells that are dividing (multiplying) the fastest have the highest requirement for energy (to sustain such accelerated growth). Cutting out the source is similar to cutting off the blood supply - though not quite as drastic, it's certainly a step worth taking.

It's simply astonishing that this simple knowledge hasn't become the basis for Rule One in any cancer fight: Stop eating sugar immediately.

Obviously giving up sugar isn't the cure for cancer. But this tactic should be recommended STRONGLY to anyone with cancer or, actually, ANY other illness.

Sugar Substitutes Help the Cause

You wonder if one of the alternate sweeteners, such as stevia or xylitol, might also feed the cancer cells in the same way sugar does.

Stevia won't, because it is zero-calorie.

Xylitol could be more of a quandary. It does contain calories (about 40% less than sugar), and it is labeled a 'sugar-alcohol.' Apparently that status causes a slower release into the body and less absorption. For that reason it would be less of a problem as it isn't so strong a refined carbohydrate. How much less would be controversial, since the sugar/cancer cell growth issue itself is a tough one.

Keep in mind that the body also breaks down carbohydrates into glucose, so a diet that is heavy with high carbohydrate foods can also fuel cancer cell growth as well as other health problems that are known to be linked to excess blood glucose, including: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, an overgrowth of pathogenic intestinal flora, gout, panic attacks, hyperactivity, and depression.

Sugar-Free Diet: Every Little Bit Helps

Most doctors are not nutritionists, so they're either unaware of the link between sugar and cancer, or they simply neglect to mention it to their patients. If someone you care about is fighting cancer, don't assume they've heard about this important nutritional detail. As always, we encourage you to share this information with anyone you know that might benefit from it.

For anyone who's fighting cancer, there's obviously only one way to go concerning refined sugar. To fight the good fight you have to remove anything that might support the disease.

Cancer Formula: Quality and Purity Assurance

In today's go-go marketplace, it is difficult to make the right choice. Being constantly bombarded by supplement promoters advertising their products, you may become easily confused or, even, suspicious.

At Full of Health, we are not supplement purveyors. Therefore, we do not:

  • offer dubious products
  • raise false hopes or false fears
  • impugn standard medical treatments.

Cancer Formula is a safe and highly beneficial nutritional support to help one's body protect itself against the cancer - and reduce the risks of standard cancer treatments. What is in the bottle conforms to what is on the label. However, the Formula has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

At Full of Health, we are sure that this superior nutritional supplement will do as much for you as it has done for our clients and customers. If other people have benefited from Cancer Formula, you can benefit as well.

Pharmaceutical quality, FDA approved manufacturing plant and procedures
Pharmaceutical quality, FDA-approved manufacturing plant and procedures

At Full of Health, we recommendCancer Formula because we find it the most beneficial to your health in its category.

Cancer CNR Formula - Online Orders

Cancer CNR Formula - Secure Online Orders Secure Online Orders

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     Cancer Formula -- $45.95 US -- One Bottle: 900 ml 

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