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A Drug-Free Solution to Elevated Blood Triglycerides
TGs Formula: Price List Online Order Page for Worldwide Customers

Triglyceride  Reduction TGs Formula: Vitamin-Mineral-Botanical Supplement to Support Healthy Blood Lipid Levels
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  High Triglycerides: The Nutritional Approach Vs. Medical Establishments

It stands to reason that any safe approach to elevated blood triglycerides, no matter how low the probable success rate, should be vigorously investigated. Thousands of people worldwide would benefit from it.

Anecdotal and empirical experience regarding the nutritional approach to blood lipids has existed for almost 20 years. While reasonable people do not expect 100 per cent success for any therapy, hundreds of them can say that they have experienced a remarkable improvement with this approach.

Isn't that why we have science, to investigate methods such as nutritional control of high triglycerides? It is beyond comprehension that scientific medical studies neither refute nor support the nutritional approach.

There are no established medical research processes or procedures to evaluate "non-drug" remedies, and for a reason. There is still little medical evidence that vital substances (nutrients) required for life in small amounts can have great healing effects in larger amounts.

To understand why the nutritional approach to blood fats has not been investigated, you need to realize that there is no special interest or economic incentive to provide proof, only a large counter-incentive not to do so by those with the means to run such a study.

In other words, the only incentive is a general, rather than a special interest. So, if governments won't conduct a study on behalf of their people to verify inexpensive methods already available, who will, especially if it would cost a company millions? And why bother?

Should nutritional triglyceride reduction not work, it has been shown to be harmless. Furthermore, a large study isn't going to do the average person much good.

The only way to find out whether nutritional triglyceride reduction can work for you is for you to try it. Then you can find out what others learned years ago: Triglyceride Reduction Formula can control the level of blood fats, such as triglycerides, and reduce risk for heart attack or stroke safely.

Unfortunately, no effort what-so-ever has been made by the medical scientific establishment to investigate, much less verify, this approach.

Therefore, up to date, there haven't been the outcome studies to document that the nutritional triglyceride reduction does not work. They don't exist because the regulators and others are opposed to doing the research - because so many people have discovered that nutritional triglyceride reduction does work!

It's time then for true studies to be done on outcomes of the patient. The medical gold standard of research - the double blind, placebo controlled, crossover study - was great -- but only for infectious diseases. As it is impossible to hold all variables the same, this standard has become outmoded for today's outcome studies; it should go the way of the monetary gold standard.

It's also time for medical establishments to place the patient foremost and to understand that doing "no harm" should be the only treatment.

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Observational Evidence Vs. Formal Evidence

We recommend nutritional measures aimed at controlling elevated blood triglycerides. And we do so on the basis of evidence gained from observations in hundreds of users of our TGs Reduction Formula supported by basic dietary and lifestyle modifications.

But not everybody agrees that this kind of evidence is enough to act upon. Until formal proof is established, this matter remains a legitimate question of judgment, which varies from one person to another.

However, the only way to obtain scientifically acceptable proof of the association between nutritional means and blood triglycerides would be to

  • take a large number of persons from the same population,
  • put half of them on a triglyceride reduction formula and a diet, and
  • see if that half has lower triglyceride levels than the rest.

Such critical test should be performed in a three-to-five-year, $75-million study conducted, for example, by the American Heart Association. The conclusive evidence would be published as a formal proof of the role played by optimum nutrition in the process of controlling blood triglycerides.

Unfortunately, such a multi-million study has not been run yet.

Should we wait then for "conclusive" evidence, which may be years away and - too late for some of us? Can we accept probable evidence?

We need to realize that not taking a stand, insisting on waiting until all the evidence is in, is itself - a position and a recommendation! Not taking a stand is not really the neutral position it is made out to be.

On the other hand, physicians like to pretend, and many have kidded themselves into believing, that whatever they espouse has been "scientifically proved."


A great deal of what established medicine recommends today with good conscience is not formally "proved"! In other words, in medicine it is not uncommon to recommend measures for which only substantial evidence exists.

Example No. 1
Many doctors have for years been recommending the lowering of blood cholesterol because this would probably help prevent coronary heart disease, but this was not "proved" until 1984, and then for only a selected category of patient.

And only in early 1985 did a panel of 13 experts convened as part of a National Institutes of Health "consensus conference" conclude "beyond a reasonable doubt" that lowering elevated blood cholesterol levels would reduce the risk of heart attacks.

In fact, "beyond a reasonable doubt" means "with a high order of probability." Surely this is not formal proof. It's a consensus decision.

Example No. 2
The formal proof on the health benefits of exerciss is not yet in, yet practically all physicians recommend it. And they are right to do so, because the probable evidence is excellent.

The key question for much good nutritional advice is not whether proof is at hand, but what is the order of probability that the advice is correct.

Existing evidence indicates, with a very high order of probability, that elevated levels of triglycerides in the blood can be reduced by the nutritional measures - without multiple prescription drugs.

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High Triglycerides: Overcoming Psychosclerosis

Nutritional triglyceride reduction is all about the change. As your metabolic system has not been functioning at its optimum, something needs to be changed; in this case - your attitude toward the diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplementation.

Here comes the major obstacle to any change - 'psychosclerosis', in other words, the "hardening or narrowing of the attitude."

'Psychosclerosis' is usually rooted in your fear of change. After so many years of being in a comfort zone (read: in love with your old dietary and lifestyle habits), you are ready to defend it against anything new or different.

You will try to find any possible excuse to reject the need for a change.

Most probably, you will use all your intelligence to find fault with the nutritional approach to triglycerides. As an idea quite different from the typical medical treatment, it may be easily refused.

However, in order to make positive changes in your health, you need more flexibility in considering other options. The willingness to consider new methods will enble you to see much more of what is possible for you.

Therefore, if you really want to lower triglycerides, you must become less rigid in your ideas about your

  • diet,
  • lifestyle,
  • nutritional supplementation, and
  • what is possible for you.

Instead of dwelling on all the reasons why this method would NOT work for you, concentrate on why it would. Do not act as your own prosecuting attorney building the case against yourself.

It starts with changing your thinking from "whether" to "how."

Begin to focus on "how" you are going to reduce your blood lipid levels and, simultaneously, you will stop considering whether it is possible or not. In this way, your entire attitude toward your old, more comfortable dietary and lifestyle habits will begin to change for the better.

Remember, most of the time you do get what you think about, and if you continually think in terms of the nutritional measures you can take to move toward lowering your triglyceride level, you are much more likely to be successful in achieving your goal in the end.

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"Doctors Aren't Doctors Anymore..."

April 25, 2006

I have high triglycerides and all the doctors told me was to lose weight or change my diet, not giving me a bit of information like you have on your website.

Doctors aren't doctors anymore, they don't explain or even give us pamphlets. That is very irritating. It's my life they are playing with!

Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Martha M.
    Covington, KY

Nutritional Triglyceride Reduction: An Opportunity

Reduce Triglyceride Reduction TGs Formula

Triglyceride Reduction TGs Formula.
A Vitamin-Mineral-Botanical Supplement to Support Healthy Blood Lipid Levels
Quality Ingredients, Proper Dosages,
No Cost-Cutting Shortcuts

The nutritional approach is for you - if
  • you are tempted to take drugs (statins, etc.) to reduce your high triglycerides (and/or cholesterol), but worried about the side effects;
  • you have been taking prescription medication/s with little or no success;
  • you have tried to lower your triglycerides through the diet alone - but with disappointing results.

At Full of Health, we are sure that this simple method - so simple that, at first, its simplicity makes you difficult to believe - will do as much for you as it has done for our clients and customers.

If other people have benefited from Triglycerides Reduction TGs Formula, you, or someone you know or hold dear, can benefit as well.

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