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High Triglycerides Reduced Nutritionally: A Drug-Free Solution to High Blood Lipids

A Drug-Free Solution to Elevated Blood Triglycerides
A molecule of triglyceride composed of a backbone of the alcohol glycerol to which three fatty acids (tri) are bound. Definition of courtesy of  Full of Health Inc. - a formulator and exclusive distributor of Triglyceride Reduction TGs Formula
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  Triglycerides Lab Test: A Self-Collected Blood Droplet

Speak to Andrew Mierzejewski, Registered Holistic Nutritionist on Lowering High Triglycerides Naturally

Elevated blood triglycerides, as a part of lipid management, has become a major medical problem. This website is intended to allow you to become an informed patient who can manage your own care, ask the right questions, insist on adequate management and information, and seek an optimal outcome for yourself. Perhaps it will even help the health professionals who are giving care to better understand and, hopefully, incorporate into their practice the nutritional approach to high blood triglycerides.

Please note that this website is not intended for “most people”. It is written for those who want to stand out in self-health care. If you are such a person, we strongly advise that you give serious thought to all of the suggestions about how to improve you blood lipid profile, triglycerides in particular. If you are tempted to think the suggestions are too complicated or too simplistic, or biased, we assure you they are not.

Home Collected Triglycerides Test is a simple, FDA-approved, clinical laboratory analysis that measures the amount of the following lipids in your blood:

  • triglycerides
  • total cholesterol
  • HDL-"good" cholesterol, and
  • calculated LDL-"bad" cholesterol.


>> Home Collected Triglycerides Lab Test <<

FDA-Approved, Certified, Clinical Laboratory Test
from a Simple Nick of the Finger

Convenient | Accurate | Insurance Reimbursement Code

The process of specimen (blood) collection is

  • quick
  • easy and virtually
  • painless.

Using the special lancet included in a Home Collected Triglycerides Test: Testing Procedure Blood Collection Kit, a couple of drops of blood are taken from a nick of a finger and deposited onto a special collection card.

The collection card is then sent to the laboratory for analysis where the blood sample is tested.

However, as triglyceride levels are related to the time you ate and when you collected the sample, the triglyceride level must be what is called a "fasting level."

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Blood Collection Kit

Each Home Collected Triglycerides Test: Testing Procedure Blood Collection Kit is self-collected and includes:

  • literature and instructions
  • two (2) lancets to nick your finger (and get an adequate blood sample)
  • a blood sample return pouch (with return postage to the Lab)
  • your test analysis by the CLIA-Certified Laboratory, and
  • a review of your results by a licensed Health Care Professional.

All you need to do is:

  • fill out the Panel Authorization Form
  • collect your blood sample
  • put it in an enclosed envelope, and
  • drop the package into the nearest mailbox.

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Accuracy and Safety Assured

Home Collected Triglycerides Lab Test is:

  • the first and only micro-sample lipid panel to exceed the performance standards of the NCEP, as demonstared through controlled clinical trials, and
  • certified by the Cholesterol Reference Method Laboratory Network, and above all
  • FDA-approved.

The clinical laboratory where all testing is undertaken is fully certified - and continually inspected - by a CLIA-approved inspection body.

An Insurance Reimbursement Code is also included with the results.

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Confidentiality Assured

The utmost effort and care are taken to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your test results which are mailed back to you in a form of an easy-to-read, understandable Laboratory Report.

All results are carefully reviewed by a licensed physician as the test produces numerical data rather than a simple "yes" or "no" answer. You can always call the toll-free Customer Service Hotline with your questions.

You may also purchase the test for someone else as a gift. The results will then go to that person.

If your doctor would like a copy of your test results, we suggest that you send him one.

PLEASE NOTE: Although the test results provide important information, you should never adjust your medication (or medications) based on the test results alone. Always consult with your health care professional before making any changes in your current triglyceride/cholesterol treatment.

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Dried Blood Lipid Assay Vs. Whole Blood Values

Triglycerides and cholesterol are highly stable in dried blood (serum) and are readily transferable to a liquid phase
Already being used extensively for mass screening programs and for measurement of glucose, insulin, glycosylated hemoglobin, and steroids, dried blood on filter paper has been found useful for the measurement of lipids such as triglycerides and cholesterol.

The good agreement between lipid values in dried serum and fresh blood samples supports the validity of the measurement of these analytes in dried serum (Clinical Chemistry. 2001;47:1113-1115).

Therefore, the adaptation of lipid assays to dried blood has been found useful for many applications such as regular monitoring of triglycerides and cholesterol to prevent cardiovascular health problems.

PLEASE NOTE: Patient results from one lab to another cannot be directly compared because individual laboratories use different methods for testing, which can cause variations in results.

In other words, your results of the dry blood test may be different from the last one you took in your doctor's office.

Therefore, in order to decrease these possible test variances, it is always advisable to use the same laboratory for repeat medical testing.

It should be also noted that significant variations in blood test results may be produced by basic body changes, when compared to the time elapsed between tests.

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Performance Characteristics

Within-Run Precision
Within-run precision was determined by assaying dried blood spots containing two concentrations of Triglycerides. Each of the dried blood spot specimens was assayed in duplicate in twenty individually calibrated runs. The standard deviations of the duplicates from each run were calculated.

Home Collected Triglycerides Test Technical Information Continue reading this article...

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Reduce Your Coronary Risk

Home Collected Triglycerides Lab Test is for you, if you have evidence of cardiovascular health problems and/or two or more of the other cardiovascular risk factors, such as:

  • elevated blood triglycerides
  • elevated serum total (and LDL-"bad") cholesterol
  • low serum HDL-"good" cholesterol
  • elevated blood pressure
  • type 2 diabetes (diabetes mellitus).

If you are currently on a triglyceride-lowering program you may need to have your lipids re-tested. By comparing your initial results to the results of subsequent tests, you can determine the progress you have made in lowering your blood fat levels, and, therefore, reducing your overall coronary risk.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a diabetic, you need to recheck your blood lipids regularly, every 2 - 3 months. Diabetes can increase triglycerides significantly, especially when your blood sugar is out of control.

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Gauge Your Triglycerides "Before" and "After"

Each Home Collected Triglycerides Lab Test will enable you to gauge blood lipid levels "before" and "after" entering your lipid-lowering program.

With two tests, taken at least 45 days apart, you can monitor your improvement and condition.

Therefore, you can measure your lipid levels on the first the day before commencing your program, then again at least 45 - 60 days after.

Special Offer: Two (2) Home Collected Blood Triglycerides Tests

Lipid Panel Special Offer

Special Offer: Two (2) Home Collected Blood Triglycerides Tests

July 2, 2003

Nowhere else in this country can you get this quality, accuracy and convenience at this price.

As for my results, they agreed perfectly with the lab test at my doctor's office.

Why would anyone want to waste time at their doctor's office when you can get this superb test available online to any customer?

I'm recommending it to all my friends.

    John P., New York

At Full of Health, we recommend Home Collected Triglycerides Lab Test because we find it the most beneficial to your lipid health in its category.

Home Collected Blood Triglycerides Test - Secure Online Orders

Home Collected Blood Triglycerides Test - Secure Online Orders Secure Online Orders

  Home Collected Triglyceride Test -- $36.95 US -- One (1) Test Kit 

Price includes:

  • One (1) Home Collected Triglycerides Test: Testing Procedure Blood Collection Kit
  • Return postage to the Lab
  • Test analysis by CLIA-Certified Laboratory
  • Review of results by a licensed Health Care Professional
  • All orders are shipped in a discreet package.

    Confidentiality Statement: Full of Health is responsible for the personal information under its control and assures the security of that information, both technologically and procedurally. Information about individuals, such as name, address, telephone number, email, credit card information, and screen name, is NEVER sold, rented, or otherwise disclosed to third parties.

    Currency: The price is quoted in:

  • US funds, when delivered in AND outside Continental USA
  • CAN funds, only when delivered in Canada.
  • Currency Calculator: If you would like to calculate the price in your currency, you can use the XE.com Personal Currency Assistant, using prices quoted in US funds only.

    Please note that the XE.com Personal Currency Assistant™ link is only provided as a courtesy. Conversion rates are subject to change, so your result should only be viewed as an estimate.

     Test Orders: United States and Worldwide (Except Canada) 

    By clicking on any of the "Add to Cart" buttons, you are NOT obliged to purchase anything online. Even if you complete a transaction, you can always CANCEL it within 24 hours.

    Secure Online Payment

    Secure Online Payment

     Test Orders: Canada Only (CAD) 

    By clicking on the following "Shopping Cart" buttons you are NOT obliged to purchase anything online. Even if you complete a transaction, you can always CANCEL it within 24 hours.

      Home Collected Triglyceride Test -- $36.95 US -- One (1) Test Kit 

    Price includes:

  • One (1) Home Collected Triglycerides Test: Testing Procedure Blood Collection Kit
  • Return postage to the Lab
  • Test analysis by CLIA-Certified Laboratory
  • Review of results by a licensed Health Care Professional
  • All orders are shipped in a discreet package!

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    If you don't feel comfortable placing your order over the Internet, please call us:

    • (phone) 1. 877. 786. 8458 (toll-free) or
    • (phone) 1. 705. 876. 9357 (Canada).

    Leave your name, phone number, and the best time to call you.

    You can also fax your order to us:

    • (fax) 1. 705. 876. 8592 (Canada).

    Please include your full name, shipping address, phone number, and your preferred method of payment.

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     A How-To Guide to High Triglycerides 

    Andrew Mierzejewski, MA, RHN: Bring Your Triglycerides Down Naturally: Expanded Second Edition (2006, 182 pp.); ISBN 0-9736799-1-3
    Lowering High Triglycerides Naturally Audio Excerpt
    Narrated by Rory O'Shea

    Due to popular demand, our complete, clinically proven triglyceride-reduction program is now available in a book authored by Andrew Mierzejewski, RHN, MA an accomplished registered holistic nutritionist and president of Full of Health

    We are so proud to be offering an expanded second edition of this comprehensive source of practical information, answering all questions and concerns you might have about the role triglyceride play in our health and the natural means of controlling them.

    Some of the important insights on lowering triglycerides you'll learn from this book include:

    • Health risks marked by high blood triglycerides

    • Right (and wrong) foods to fight and prevent elevated blood triglycerides

    • Effects of high carbohydrate diet on the triglycerides synthesis and metabolism

    • Standard medical treatments and prescription drugs for elevated blood triglycerides

    • Simple lifestyle changes you should make to optimize your blood lipid profile

    • The single most important supplement you can take that should be a regular part of your diet as it will greatly reduce your blood triglycerides

    Bring Your Triglycerides Down Naturally: A Drug-Free Solution to High Blood Lipids (2004: ISBN 0973679905) Continue reading this article...

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    Secure Online Payment

    Secure Online Payment

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