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A molecule of triglyceride composed of a backbone of the alcohol glycerol to which three fatty acids (tri) are bound. Definition of courtesy of  Full of Health Inc. - a formulator and exclusive distributor of Triglyceride Reduction TGs Formula
High Triglycerides Reduced Nutritionally: A Drug-Free Solution to High Blood Lipids

A Drug-Free Solution to Elevated Blood Triglycerides
A molecule of triglyceride composed of a backbone of the alcohol glycerol to which three fatty acids (tri) are bound. Definition of courtesy of  Full of Health Inc. - a formulator and exclusive distributor of Triglyceride Reduction TGs Formula
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Elevated blood triglycerides, as a part of lipid management, has become a major medical problem. This website is intended to allow you to become an informed patient who can manage your own care, ask the right questions, insist on adequate management and information, and seek an optimal outcome for yourself. Perhaps it will even help the health professionals who are giving care to better understand and, hopefully, incorporate into their practice the nutritional approach to high blood triglycerides.
No registration is required for searching ReduceTriglycerides.com. We hope you will benefit from the vast resources of information on triglycerides and triglycerides-related health concerns available on our site. All essential info on abnormal blood triglyceride levels, and on the natural approach to high triglycerides, is at your fingertips. Please feel free to read it online or print it, or make an online purchase of Triglyceride Reduction Formula as necessary.

Within-Run Precision
Within-run precision was determined by assaying dried blood spots containing two concentrations of Triglycerides. Each of the dried blood spot specimens was assayed in duplicate in twenty individually calibrated runs. The standard deviations of the duplicates from each run were calculated.

Between-Run Precision
Between-run precision was determined by a series of duplicate measurements of three different samples over a series of twenty different runs (n=20).

Whole blood containing elevated levels of Triglycerides was diluted with a whole blood sample with low levels of Triglycerides. The admixtures were assayed in duplicate.

Specimen Stability
Dried blood spot Triglycerides specimens are stable for more than 14 days when stored at room temperature and for greater that 21 days when stored at 2-8șC. Triglycerides were also shown to be stable after cycling specimens from -20șC to 37°C on a daily basis for 21 days.

Paired serum and dried blood spot samples containing varying concentrations of Triglycerides were analyzed. Triglyceride concentrations observed for the dried blood spot (DBS) specimens versus serum (enzymatic methodology) were analyzed by the linear regression method.

Specimen Requirements
The Dried Blood Spot Triglycerides Assay required three 50”L drops of capillary whole blood placed onto a specialized paper card. The blood is dried and placed into an inner envelope, and then into a waterproof outer envelope for shipping via regular mail to the laboratory for testing.

Convenient and Simple to Administer
Simple instructions guide the user through the collection of a capillary blood sample onto a collection card using a finger lancet. The Triglycerides Assay System requires only four simple steps:

  • Collection kit is provided.
  • Collector applies blood sample onto collection card.
  • Blood sample sent to the laboratory in provided mailer.
  • Triglycerides results returned by mail within days (at no extra charge).


  • Subjects being tested for Triglycerides and LDL-“bad” Cholesterol should fast for 12 hours to ensure accuracy. LDL cannot be calculated then triglycerides are greater than 400 mg/dL.
  • Assay may be affected by hematocrit values* outside the normal range.
  • Not intended for neonatal testing.

* The hematocrit is a determination of the percentage of red blood cells (RBCs) per unit of blood volume; that is, a hematocrit value of 47 (which is an average value for men) suggests that 47% of the entire blood volume consists of RBCs. The hematocrit value varies between different populations, and hematocrit values can change according to the state of health of an individual, the oxygen availability, or because of heavy bleeding, when many blood cells can be lost.

In males 19 years or older, the normal range of hematocrit is between 41 and 50%. In females 19 years or older, the normal range of hematocrit is between 36 and 44%. These values may be different at different hospitals depending on the equipment used to measure the hematocrit.

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