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Reduce High Tri-glycerides molecule: alcohol glycerol and three (tri) fatty acids
High Triglycerides Reduced Nutritionally: A Drug-Free Solution to High Blood Lipids
To Contribute to the Optimal Health of Others

Triglyceride  Reduction TGs Formula: Advanced Blood Lipid-Lowering Supplement to Support Healthy Triglyceride Levels

We are all free to choose our preferred method of health care. A Division of Full of Health, Inc. (Ontario, Canada)

At Full of Health, we have over ten years' clinical experience of promoting a drug-free approach to common health concerns, including elevated blood lipids.

Our website is dedicated to offer the quality information on blood triglycerides gathered from the best sources available in order to help you make an informed treatment decision related to your condition.

Our online recommendations are based on our clinical experience with promoting a drug-free control of hypertriglyceridemia through:

  • nutritional education
  • necessary dietary and lifestyle changes, and
  • nutritional supplements and herbal remedies, when needed.

The last several years have seen an explosion in the number of people who are looking for new information on health and nutrition.

But the internet’s very freedom means that the quality of the information is mixed. The world-wide web feeds our information hunger, but the new “marketplace of ideas,” like a grocery mega-store, can be overwhelming and hard to navigate; more importantly, it offers a lot more “junk food” information than wholesome fare.

Health-conscious people, for example, with blood lipid problems want to know: "Where can I get the information that matters most? Where will I find readable, reliable information on diet and supplements that can optimize my blood triglyceride levels?"

At Full of Health, we are committed to providing just that. We’ve worked to make a reliable source of quality information on the nutritional approach to elevated blood lipids.

Our website will help you cut through the tangles of the web and find the center of the labyrinth. Just that.

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Our Commitment to You is your extensive resource for practical information on elevated blood triglycerides and their relationship to cardiovascular health.

We are a company focusing on your optimal lipid health; however, without you, does not exist.

Customer Service is a top priority company wide. Whatever the problem, we will do our best to satisfy you. In this information age of fast talking and automated voices, we stand out in the crowd offering what others can't or won't.

Personal Attention! If you have any questions while you are browsing, please or call us at 1. 705 - 876 - 9223 and one of our representatives will assist you during office hours. We are here to help, so please do not hesitate to contact us. realizes how different everyone’s health concerns can be. We try to offer a comprehensive triglyceride-lowering program that encompasses everyone's needs without it being overwhelming.

We want you to be confident in making your educated health decision and know that just because you hit that "buy" button on our website, and the product ships, it doesn't mean our relationship ends there.

We want our clients to be repeat clients. And even in this technological age, nothing beats "word of mouth" advertising.

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The New Health Care Paradigm

The old health care paradigm is dying. You don’t look at your doctor as god anymore. In the new paradigm, you, as an individual, are taking more responsibility for your own health.

You’re eating right, exercising, and taking supplements to keep you healthy; you’re reading, talking, trying new approaches, and questioning conventional wisdom.

Unfortunately, many of you find that old-school doctors are more of an impediment to this process than a help. As a health-conscious individual, you need the kind of physician that supports your health pro-actively, rather than waiting until you’re sick and pumping you full of drugs.

You need a doctor who respects your health freedom and want to work WITH you to restore or maintain your health.

Most of all, you want a physician who understands the healing power of Nature, and who is keeping up with the cresting wave of research into nutrients and herbs and their role in keeping you youthful, vibrant, and alive.

Fortunately, there is a growing group of integrative physicians, such as naturopaths, chiropractors and nutritionally-oriented MDs, who are committed to supporting the health of their patients through safe and natural approaches.

Although it is not easy to find a doctor that can really support your health decisions and work with you to bring you to a personal health peak, definitely, an integrative physician is the one you should look for.

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Contact Us: We Value Your Opinion

We at Full of Health appreciate your opinion. We want to hear what you think of us, because after all, is a website for all health-conscious people who need - and expect - quality lipid health information.

We strive to provide the best service and educational support to our clients and customers.

Should you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

      Full of Health, Inc.
      Peterborough, ON Canada K9K 2M2
      Phone: 1. 705. 876. 9223 (US/CAN)

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Reduce Triglycerides: Our Program
Speak to Andrzej J. Mierzejewski, RHN on lowering high triglycerides naturally with Triglyceride Reduction TGs Formula

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 High Triglycerides: TGs Formula

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