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A Flexibility Exercise Elevated Blood Triglycerides
A molecule of triglyceride composed of a backbone of the alcohol glycerol to which three fatty acids (tri) are bound. Definition of courtesy of  Full of Health Inc. - a formulator of Triglyceride Reduction TGs Formula
  Lowering High Triglycerides With Stretching Exercise

For adults, increased levels of blood triglycerides are almost always a sign of insufficient exercise.

In the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, there was an article on the role of exercise and its impact on health and well being:

    "Exercise is especially helpful in lowering triglycerides and raising HDL-"good" cholesterol, which tends to decrease when triglycerides increase. (Exercise also helps diabetics minimize their need for insulin). The metabolic changes occuring with exercise reflect better utilization of energy by body tissues."

By incorporating stretching (flexibility) exercise into their daily life, many of our clients and customers have been able to lower their blood triglyceride levels.

In our clinical experience, regular stretching - when done correctly - is able to

  • increase the insulin sensitivity of the body’s tissues and
  • improve the bodily metabolism of blood sugar and carbohydrates.

Stretching is an example of an anaerobic exercise - as opposed to aerobics, that is walking, jogging, running, swimming, etc. As an important link between the sedentary life and the active life, it

  • keeps the muscles supple
  • prepares you for movement, and
  • helps you make the daily transition from inactivity to activity without undue strain.

Stretching may prevent common injuries such as knee problems from running and sore shoulder or elbows from tennis. When done correctly, stretching is an easy, simple and painless way of getting ready for movement. You will find it enjoyable and easy to do.

Stretching feels good. You do not have to push limits or attempt to go further each day. The key here is regularity and relaxation. The object is to reduce muscular tension, thereby promoting freer movement.

Stretching is stress-free, peaceful, and noncompetitive. The subtle, invigorating feeling of stretching allows you to get in touch with your muscles - and your body.

Stretching is also completely adjustable. You do not have to conform to any unyielding discipline; it gives you the freedom to

  • be yourself and
  • enjoy being yourself.

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An Excellent Flexibility Exercise

As an excellent flexibility exercise, stretching is a perfect way to improve your

  • posture
  • gait
  • coordination
  • balance.

Stretching definitely will help you

  • reduce stress
  • eliminate pain, including low-back pain (the fifth most common complaint in a visit to a physician; after hypertension, pregnancy, general check-ups, and colds)
  • strengthen synergistic muscle groups
  • encourage a full range of motion in the body.

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Why Stretch?

Stretching should be part of your daily life as it relaxes your mind and tunes up your body. It can be fun!

You will find that regular stretching will:

  • reduce muscle tension and make the body feel more relaxed
  • maintain your current level of flexibility, so as time passes you do not become stiffer and stiffer
  • loosen the mind’s control of the body, so that the body moves for “its own sake” rather than for competition or ego
  • make you feel good, and
  • improve your blood lipids (fats) profile.

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Who Should Stretch?

Card of the Everyday Stretches routine illustrated
Everyone can learn to stretch, regardless of age or flexibility. However, it is suitable specially for those who have little or no experience with exercise and find even moderate aerobic exercise unrewarding or - boring!

Stretching exercise is a perfect system for those who want to experience the benefits of gentle physical movement effectively and safely.

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When to Stretch?

Stretching exercise requires no special clothing or gear and is suitable for those who don't identify themselves as 'exercisers'.

Stretching can be done anywhere any time you feel like it, for example:

  • in the morning before the start of the day
  • at work to release nervous tension
  • after sitting or standing for a long time
  • when you feel stiff
  • during the day, when watching TV, listening to music, reading, or sitting and talking.

However, for therapeutic purposes, stretching exercise should be done daily or at least three to four times per week. Static stretches need to be held 10 to 15 seconds to the point of mild discomfort, and repeated three to four times per muscle group.

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How to Stretch?

Stretching is easy to learn. But there is a right way and a wrong way to stretch. Unfortunately, the latter one is practiced by many people.

The wrong way to stretch - it can actually do more harm than good - is to bounce up and down or stretch to the point of pain.

The right way to stretch is to stretch with your attention focused on the muscles being stretched in a relaxed and sustained manner.

The following rules will help you maintain and/or increase your flexibility - and improve your blood lipids (fats) profile:

Stretch slowly without bouncing, breathing slowly, deeply and rhythmically.

Be relaxed while you concetrate on the area being stretched.

Stretch to where you feel a slight easy stretch. Hold this feeling to 10-15 seconds. As you hold this stretch, the feeling of tension should diminish. If it doesn't, just ease off slightly into a more comfortable easy stretch.

After holding the easy stretch, move a fraction of an inch further into the stretch until you feel mild tension again. Hold this stretch for 10-15 seconds. This feeling of stretch tension should also slightly diminish or stay the same. If the tension increases or becomes painfull, you are overstretching. Ease off a bit to a comfortable easy stretch.

Don't worry about how far you can stretch. Hold only stretch tensions that feel good for you.

You don’t need to be an athlete. But you do need to take stretching slowly, especially in the beginning. When you start easily you will give your body and mind time to adjust. When you are stretching regularly, you will learn to enjoy movement. There is no way to get into shape in a day.

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‘Stretching Exercise’ Videotape & DVD

Many clients in our practice have found one particular flexibility exercise exceptionally helpful in lowering their high blood triglycerides:

Stretching for Everyday Health and Fitness

>> Experience the Benefits of Flexibility Exercise <<

Featuring Bob Anderson

“Stretching Exercise” videotape or DVD, recorded by a stretching authority, provides clear, step-by-step 60-minute instructions that will lead you through easy to do stretches for

  • the neck and back
  • the legs, groin, hips and feet
  • the upper body.
Card of the Everyday Stretches routine illustrated

The whole well-balanced stretching program concludes with a 14-minute overall Everyday Stretches, a daily routine - consisting of 27 stretches - that can be followed for everyday health and fitness, or for specific sports or activities.

Enclosed is a card of the Everyday Stretches routine illustrated; a handy visual aid to take with you anywhere so that you can do this daily routine when you're not at home.

Appropriate for people of all ages and interests, “Stretching Exercise" will help you:

      • reduce your back pain
      • perform better
      • reduce stiffness
      • prevent injuries
      • look and feel better
      • learn the feeling of a good stretch
      • reduce your levels of blood lipids
      • improve your cardiovascular health

At Full of Health, we are sure that this excellent flexibility exercise will do as much for you as it has done for our clients and customers. If other people have benefited from ‘Stretching’ you can benefit as well.

At Full of Health, we recommend STRETCHING Exercise because we find it the most beneficial to your lipid health in its category.

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      STRETCHING Videotape/DVD -- $23.95 US -- Exercise for Everyday Health & Fitness (60 min.) 

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    Exercise: Common Myths and Absolute Truths

    • Myth: Exercise does hurt.
      Truth: On the contrary, when done properly it is comfortable and can help to prevent pain.

    • Myth: Exercise takes hours and you have to work out every day.
      Truth: On the contrary, when done properly and at the right intensity, aerobic exercise can be effective in as little as 10-15 minutes, and resistance movement can be effective in an even shorter time (2-3 minutes). Exercising the right way three to four days a week will notably improve your health and fitness levels.

    • Myth: Exercise has to be performed in a gym or with extensive home exercise equipment.
      Truth: On the contrary, your home, neighborhood, backyard and some simple tools -- dumbbells or hand or leg weights -- are all you need to develop an effective, full-body movement routine to

      • reduce body fat
      • improve your blood lipid (triglyceride and cholesterol) and sugar profile
      • improve the cardiovascular system
      • develop tone and strengthen muscles.

    • Myth: Exercise is for only young, healthy people and “muscleheads.”
      Truth: On the contrary, exercise is essential for every kind or type of person. Not only can it be performed at any age, a steady exercise can even slow down or reverse the aging process.

    • Myth: Exercise is only for people who want big muscles or want to look good in a bikini.
      Truth: On the contrary, exercise is for everybody as it is about survival!

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    Are You Stressed, Depressed?

    Prolonged stress is one of the main causes of elevated blood triglycerides.

    A new study has found the evidence that psychological, mental stress causes triglycerides to stay in the bloodstream longer contributing to cardiovascular health problems (Psychophysiology, 2002: 39; 80-85).

    The stress factor, however, has been repeatedly underestimated with regards to elevated blood lipids (fats).

    Lowering High Triglycerides: Relaxation and Stress Relief Audio Program Read more...

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